The FIO Ambassador Program

Become part of a community of passionate individuals who actively promote and contribute to the adoption and understanding of the FIO Protocol.

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The Benefits of Being an Ambassador

When you become part of the FIO Ambassador program and actively promote and contribute, you become eligible for the following:

Early Access
Ambassadors get exclusive access to FIO Protocol updates, news, and events.
Acknowledgment on the official FIO Protocol landing page and social media platforms (Discord & Telegram Roles).
Swag & Incentives
Receive FIO Protocol merchandise and participate in incentive programs. (Premium Ambassador of the month gets a swag).
Networking Opportunities
Connect with fellow ambassadors, developers, and the FIO Protocol team.
The Ambassadors Telegram
We will invite you to our closed Ambassador Telegram channel where you will be the first ones to find out news like release dates, partnerships, new collaborations, etc.
Welcome Kit
Stickers, mug, hat, tshirt, notepad, keychain, pen, exclusive NFT(which gets them access to register handles on certain domains), socks, FIO branded charger or power bank.
Affiliate Program
For every successful domain registration through referral, you get an impressive 50% of the purchase!
Partner Referral Landing Page
Premium Ambassadors get a landing page.

Ambassador Responsibilities

Join the FIO Ambassador Program and play a crucial role in shaping our community. Whether you're a social media expert, community manager, language specialist, content creator, marketing genius, business advisor, translator, or simply passionate about discussing crypto, you're a perfect fit for our program!

As an ambassador, your mission is clear:

Social Media Advocacy
Share FIO Protocol updates, use cases, and success stories on personal and professional social media channels. Every word you share brings us closer to our goals.
Content Creation
Utilize your creative talents to drive awareness through engaging content, be it graphic designs, blogs, videos, or other content that educates and informs the community about the FIO Protocol.
Community Engagement
Participate in discussions on FIO Protocol forums, Discord, and other community platforms. Share your thoughts through videos, posts, articles, blogs, campaigns, or casual conversations.
Your opinion matters. Spread brand affinity, guide others on their crypto journey, and contribute to the growth of our community as a leader.
Business Development
Explore strategic partnerships, and actively pursue integrations to enrich FIO’s ecosystem, ensuring added value for users.
Onboarding Assistance
Help new users integrate the FIO Protocol and provide support when needed.
Event Participation
Represent the FIO Protocol at conferences, meetups, and other relevant events.
Contest Participation
Video, meme, educational, handle registration, etc.

Premium Ambassador Program

Our Premium Ambassador tier is for those who go above and beyond. It offers additional perks and recognition for your outstanding contributions to the FIO community. Premium Ambassadors will be chosen based on their level of engagement and quality of content produced to help spread the word about FIO.

Application Process
Express Interest
Fill out the application expressing your interest in becoming a FIO Protocol Ambassador.
Review Process
The FIO Protocol team will review applications and select candidates based on their passion, expertise, and commitment.
Successful ambassadors will undergo training to ensure a deep understanding of the FIO Protocol.
Ambassadors will officially join the program and receive their welcome kit.

How to Apply

To apply for the FIO Protocol Ambassador Program, please fill out the application form on our website.
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