Why integrate
Make it easier on the user

FIO Protocol is powered by Layer 1 FIO Chain purpose-build to help wallets hide the complexity of blockchain transactions across all blockchains, been built with many innovative features

Qualify for FREE FIO Handles for your users

If you qualify, the FIO Foundation will fund the initial FIO Handles for your users and you still earn 50% of these fees. Get in touch now to discuss.

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Promote Your Application

The FIO Foundation continuously promotes FIO-enabled applications to its users (70K email list, 95K Twitter followers) and often sponsors contest and promotions with partners.

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It's Easy

It’s super easy to integrate FIO Protocol. FIO Handle resolution can be accomplished with a single REST API call.

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Generate Revenue

The integrating application can receive up to 50% of the FIO Chain fees paid by the user, such as FIO Domain registration fee.

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Your Users Will Thank You

FIO Protocol makes integrating application easier to use, more secure, and less prone to errors. This leads to happier customers and fewer support tickets.

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