A frictionless web3 wallet for your app.

Web3 enable your app and let users collect and truly own digital assets without the complexity of other crypto wallets.

Wallet as a Service (WaaS)

  • FIO partnered with Metakeep to bring to market a cloud solution to make any app a web3 app.
  • No seed-phrases, passwords, sign-ups, remembering of private keys, gas fees, or 3rd party custody risk.
  • 500x higher conversion rate compared to the market leading wallet solutions.
  • Support for multiple chains, including Ethereum, Polygon, Binance, Solana, Wax, FIO and more.
  • FIPS 140-2 validated custom cryptographic silicon, and the world’s most advanced security architecture that surpasses individual hardware wallets.
  • Fully compliant from Day 0 and insured for peace of mind.
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Native FIO Protocol Support

  • Self-sovereign user handles, which double as FIO Handles which enable sending and receiving of crypto and NFTs.
  • Support for FIO Domains to enable handle branding with app/company name, gaming guild, etc. Example: user@gameguild
  • Support for FIO Request and FIO Data to streamline crypto payments.
  • Support for NFT Signatures to prevent forgeries.

Subscription-based pricing

Introductory pricing available now!

Per User
Per-user subscription-based pricing model which is scalable to suit different use cases.
Include FIO Handle
Subscription fee includes FIO Handle registrations and usage fee.
Saves Cost
Saves months of custom development costs.

Example Use Cases

Web3 Gaming

Redefining the gaming experience with direct connections, true ownership of assets, and interoperability for your game platforms.

Gamers can access their games and assets in a frictionless manner, without the hassle of managing multiple accounts, navigating through intermediaries or complex authentication processes.
True Ownership
Gamers can buy, sell, trade, or use their decentralized in-game assets as they see fit, giving them more control over their gaming experience.
Gamers can use their game assets in multiple games or platforms, breaking down the silos that once separated gaming ecosystems.

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