The FIO Foundation

Non-profit organization formed to facilitate the growth and adoption of the FIO Protocol, but not to run, manage, or otherwise control the protocol.

Our Mission

“Facilitate an adoption explosion for blockchain through a decentralized, industry standard, industry governed, cross platform, chain agnostic usability protocol.”
Foundation Charter
  • Manage Foundation treasury
  • Promote awareness and education of the FIO Protocol
  • Provide support to Full FIO Members in integrating the FIO Protocol
  • Develop tools enabling easier integration
  • Manage the structure and submission process as well as provide an impact statement on FIO Improvements Proposals (FIPs)
  • Create and fund original code enhancements for the FIO Protocol and submit them as FIPs
  • Fund other projects and bug bounties benefiting the ecosystem


Board of Directors
FIO Foundation is a Cayman non-profit foundation managed by a Board consisting of up to 9 members elected by FIO Token Holders.

Getting Voting Information

See Current Members
Steering Committee
The Board appoints a Steering Committee which is tasked with defining and funding specific tasks to further the Foundation’s mission.

See Current members
FIO Contributor Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)
The Steering Committee organizes as a DAO to coordinate and fund the work.


The Foundation has received FIO Tokens at Mainnet launch of FIO Chain to seed its operations and continues to earn revenue from a variety of sources.
TypeRevenue Stream
Foundation Reserves
At Mainnet launch 181,253,654 FIO Tokens were not minted and reserved for the Foundation to be minted and paid out at a rate of 150,000 per day. Programmatically, this limit was reached in July 2023.
FIO Handle
FIO Handle
Portion of every transaction
5% of every transaction is paid out to the Foundation.
5% of fee amount
Does not expire
Primary TPID Reward
The Foundation may build products or services and offer those directly to users, e.g. FIO Dashboard. When it does that, it inserts its own TPID and 10% of every transaction can be paid to the Foundation.
10% of fee amount
Does not expire
New User Bounties
Similarly to Primary TPID Rewards, if the Foundation inserts its own TPID, 40% of every transaction is paid to the Foundation.
40% of fee amount
Expires once 125M FIO Tokens are minted. For current mint count, see Token Distribution.
Staking TPID reward
Similarly to Primary TPID Rewards, if the Foundation inserts its own TPID for unstaking, 11% of staking rewards paid to users are paid to the Foundation.
11% of staking reward
Does not expire
Use of Funds
The FIO Foundation spends its treasury on the following.
• FIO Foundation Operations.
  1. Development of proposed FIO Protocol enhancements.
  2. Activities to build awareness and promote education about the FIO Protocol.
  3. Business development activities to accelerate adoption of the FIO Protocol.
  4. Corporate, general, administrative and legal expenses.
• FIO Handle Giveaways.
  1. Promotional campaigns to pay for FIO Handle for early adopters.
  2. Funded from special 125M FIO Handle Giveaway locked token allocation at Mainnet.
• FIO Integration Incentives.
  1. 28 companies received an integration airdrop of FIO Tokens at Mainnet launch.
  2. The FIO Foundation may continue to offer integration incentives to additional partners at its discretion.
Explicitly Excluded Use of Funds
The Foundation will explicitly not use its treasury for the following purposes.
  1. Voting or proxying, including voting for Block Producers, FIO Foundation Board, or any other governance vote.
  2. Staking of FIO Tokens.

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