L1 Chain purpose-built for usability

FIO Chain is a fully decentralized public Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) blockchain that is designed specifically to support the the unique usability requirements of the FIO Protocol.

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Block Production

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Benefits & Innovations

Fast, Scalable and Open-source
Powered by Industry-leading open-source Antelope tech stack, built for speed and scale.
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Fully Decentralized
FIO Chain is a public blockchain ran by many independent Block Producers around the world, focused on the FIO Protocol’s usability mission.
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Properly Incentivized
The FIO Chain and its native FIO Token, enabled the creation of an innovative incentive system, which rewards ecosystem participants for acting in the best interest of the protocol.
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Gas-free for Most, Stable Fees for All
Every FIO Handle comes bundled with gas-free transactions, ensuring most users can interact with the FIO Chain without the complexities of gas fees. Fees for premium transactions are pegged to the rate of exchange of FIO Token to ensure price predictability.
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If users don’t participate in governance, their tokens are automatically proxied to the wallet creator, so that they can vote to best represent their users.
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Encrypted Data
Although the FIO Chain is public, details of user transactions are encrypted to ensure privacy.
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Security Audits

Multiple FIO Chain audits performed by:

Continuously improving

The FIO Chain continues to evolve to meet the growing usability needs of the ecosystem participants. The process is managed using FIO Improvements Proposals (FIPs) and is public for anyone to contribute. Checkout the complete list of FIPs and information on how to contribute on Github.

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