The Team
The Who’s Who Behind FIO

Many experts and industry leaders were behind the initial creation of the FIO Protocol and many remain engaged today.

The Board of Directors

Paul Puey
EDGE Wallet
Luke Stokes
Blockchain Veteran
Brent Traidman
Brad Spannbauer
Currency Hub
Hahn Ryu
Node One / Blockchain Labs
Leonard Scheidemantel
Ross Dold
Glenn Kennedy
Leeward, Cayman Islands Representative

Steering Committee

Pawel Mastalerz
Product Executive / FIO Co-founder
Adam Androulidakis
Blockchain Engineer
Wayne Marcel
Head of Growth
GP Worrell
UX Expert
Emily Mader
Head of Account Management

Contributors and Advisors

Marie Grig
Head of Marketing
David Gold
Investor / FIO Co-founder
Ed Rotthoff
Software Architect and Senior Blockchain Developer
Casey Gardiner
Blockchain Developer
Todd Garrison
Blockchain Security Expert
Eric Butz
Engineering Executive
Micah Dominguez
Strategic Partnerships
Chelsea Hulin
Content Creator
Ren Trevizan
Social Media Manager
Khaja Aneesuddin
Graphic Designer
Gil Huh
Partner Success
Adamu Lawal
Community Manager
Hamo Anton
Community Manager
Le Thanh
Community Manager