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FIO Handle

  • Register
  • Map to public addresses or social media accounts
  • Add bundled transactions
  • Transfer Ownership

FIO Domain

  • Register
  • Renew
  • Make public or private
  • Transfer Ownership
  • Wrap/Unwrap

FIO Request

  • View
  • Send/receive
  • Respond/reject

Multiple payment options

  • FIO Tokens
  • Credit card using Stripe
  • WeChat using Stripe
  • Crypto using Bitpay

FIO Token

  • Transfer
  • Stake/un-stake

FIO Data

  • View
  • Send/receive

Affiliate program

  • Earn 50% when referring user to purchase FIO Domains

NFT Signature

  • Add/remove NFT signature


  • Private keys are only known to the user (non-custodial wallet)
  • Supports Ledger Hardware wallet
  • Secure password reset
  • 2-factor authentication (2FA)
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