Use Case: EDGE Wallet

EDGE is one of the most popular mobile crypto wallets, focusing on ease of use.

Requesting crypto funds

Requesting any token using FIO Request

EDGE Wallet let’s their users request tokens from any user by sending a FIO Request to their FIO Handle. This process is far more user friendly and secure than scanning of QR codes or sending public addresses via an email.

Receive Screen

FIO Request is an option on the receive screen, which typically shows QR code or let’s user copy public address.

FIO Request Screen

The user enters the FIO Handle of the person from whom they are requesting funds and can optionally specify a memo.

Payment Screen

The other party receives the request, which if approved, pre-populates all the data on the send screen, reducing chances of mistakes.

Get Your Handle

Want your own FIO Handle? Head on over to the FIO dashboard to get your very own.
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