FIO Handle
Your web3 identity

Secure, customizable, censorship-resistant, and human-readable handle.
Replaces all your public wallet addresses on all blockchains. It’s also an NFT!

FIO Handle

Has the construct of username@domain, e.g. bob@rulez
Map to any public address on any blockchain to receive crypto
Can also be mapped to Social Media handles
Comes with FIO Handle Profile Page
Can be used to sign NFTs to prove ownership
Never expires
Comes bundled with 100 gas-free transactions
Is an NFT owned and controlled by a private key on the FIO Chain
Ownership can be transferred to any public key
FIO Handle Format
Minimum characters (including domain)
Maximum characters (including domain)
Characters allowed
ASCII a-z 0-9 - (dash) with single @ (at sign) / Cannot start or end with a dash

Mapping to Public Addresses

Tokens are mapped using chain code and token code. This allows the FIO Handle to be mapped to different public address, even for tokens on the same chain.
Need Technical Details?
FIO Foundation publishes a coding standard to ensure all clients use the same codes. Over 6,000 tokens have been standardize, but anyone can add new codes as they are launched.
Chain Level
FIO Handle can also be mapped at the chain level, ensuring every current and future token code is mapped to a single FIO Handle.
URI Parameters
Mappings support uri parameters in the public address, which enables the transaction to include additional parameters, such as memo or destination tag.

Get Your Handle

Want your own FIO Handle? Head on over to the FIO dashboard to get your very own.
Get My Handle

FIO Domains

The FIO Domain is part of the FIO Handle and can be used to brand or customize the handle itself.
Most users will register a FIO Handle on one of the many public domains maintained by the community, e.g. @hodl, @wallet.
Many integrators choose to offer FIO Handles on branded domains, e.g. @opera, @edge.
FIO Domain owner can choose to make the domain public, which allows anyone to register FIO Handles on it, or keep it private, which make them the only registrar.
Just like FIO Handle, FIO Domains are NFTs owned and controlled by a private key on the FIO Chain.
FIO Domain ownership can be transferred to any public key.
FIO Domains can also be wrapped (transferred over) to Polygon blockchain, so that they can be listed on public marketplaces, such as Opensea.
Domain Format
Minimum characters
Maximum characters
Characters allowed
ASCII a-z 0-9 - (dash)
Additional Domain Information
• To reduce squatting, FIO Domains are valid for a period of 1 year from the time of their registration.
• If not renewed, the domain:
• Disallows any new FIO Handle registrations (0-30 days after expiration)
• Stops FIO Handles on that domain from functioning (31-90 days after expiration)
• Domain and all FIO Handles on that domain are burned (90+ days after expiration)
• Anyone can renew any domain, even if they do not own it, as long as they pay the renewal fee
Wrapped FIO Domains on Polygon
• FIO Domains NFT can be wrapped (moved) to the Polygon chain to enable trading on common NFT Marketplaces.
• Wrapping and unwrapping (moving back to FIO Chain) is accomplished using a decentralized FIO Bridge operated by a subset of Block Producers.
Official ERC-721 contract address
Want to know how to wrap and unwrap FIO Domains? Go to the FIO App

Supporting FIO Handles

Ecosystem apps supporting FIO Handle and FIO Domains.